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So what’s a garden mentor then? Well this is what I aim to do: I provide expertise to allow you to care for your garden. After City and Guilds training in horticulture and an apprenticeship with Bath Parks Department I have spent many years as a professional horticulturalist. And a degree in environmental science is a work in progress. So I know lots about gardening and will pass on what I know to you in small doses as and when you need it.

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What sort of things might be important to you:

  • Garden problem areas: dry, wet, heavy soils.
  • Shrubs too big: how to prune.
  • What to do about lawns.
  • Weeds…
  • Global warming issues (I know it’s a little early but changes are starting to be visible and water management is increasingly important even if only to manage costs)
  • Pet problems – dead grass, holes in borders.
  • What to plant where. (even learning Latin names)
  • Spring colour.
  • Winter shades.
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