Mark Avery’s “Fighting for Birds: 25 Years in Nature Conservation”


Mark Avery had a sound background for nature conservancy with an early career as a research biologist (what pipistrelle bats do in the winter) before spending 25 years with the RSPB, 13 as Conservation Director. As the author says “This is a book about birds and wildlie and how to save them. It’s told throughthe perspective o my 54 years on this planet, during most o which time Ihave been ascinated by, and in love with, the natural world”. As such, it is an interesting mix of scales from the personal to the global.

Mark’s personal perspective and discussion of people he met along the way packages the complexities of ecology into parcels that are easy to understand.

It is an essential read for those of us who believe that there should be a logical or scientific weft to the way that we manage the planet. Might even be considered a handbook for “how to get things looked after”.

“…it’s a triumph, and if you have any real interest in the job of saving species and their habitats then it’s a tremendously rewarding ‘must read’.
Chris Packham

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