Nov 032012

Why write a blog about the stuff I am interested in? I was in the bath just now and was thinking about it. I think it is just to share the feeling that looking at natural history gives me. I cannot even find the right word for what I am interested in really. Birds, mammals,flowers, insects, trees, amphibians, fish, weather, soil, hills … get the picture?

It is not to provide some rare insightful knowledge about anything. It is not to be smart, clever or a show off. It’s not to aid some research paper or look for theories.  have no specific knowledge of most of that list except for horticulture which I do!! But I have a great love of all of the things on the list, some more than others. Birds especially. The feeling this morning on looking at the end of my garden to see that two days after I filled the feeders after an enforced summer break ( no money for bird food) the birds are back and appear to bear me no grudge, is why I feel the need to write this.  Or watching the dark clouds against a blue sky roll across the city and knowing that there will be a rainbow is enough to lift my spirits for a while.

At the bottom of the garden in my neighbours garden is a tree with bright orange leaves  which look like flames. When the late sun catches them it looks like a fire and I keep thinking of those adverts years ago about living flame gas fires!! I have a living flame  right outside of my window!! At least until the winds come and blow it out.

I have never been a great fan of Autumn, mainly I think because of weeks of raking leaves as an apprentice garden in the ’70s but I think that the melancholy was lifted a little this year by the discovery that I could stand outside in the dark and hear a few arriving Fieldfares calling or that I could watch the red deer rutting at Ashton Court.

If you inclined to be a bit grumpy or miserable then I think that having an interest  such as mine dilutes that moodiness and makes life so much better!!

So no profound scientific stuff or facts that you have never heard but just the stuff that makes me happy and to me that is worth sharing with anyone.

Caroline Maudsley

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