Nov 062012

We have a hole in the end of the garden which I identified as a badger latrine without the benefit of having seen a badger. I have now actually seen one in the garden when I did one of my nightly sweeps with a torch checking for any creatures. This is quite surprising considering the fact that the garden is bounded on both sides by a brick wall and drops away very steeply at the end down to the garden on the next street down.  All very exciting but this means that the nightly sweeps are now more frequent!

Further evidence of the badgers has now come to light with the appearance of three large holes dug in the lawn (photo below). Holes in the lawn do not bother me as the lawn is really only for the grasshoppers. I put some peanuts out last night and peeped out several times in the night but saw nothing. The peanuts were gone this morning so someone ate them. I will be keeping an eye out again.  What I really need is a camera trap but that is out of my reach at present.

A badger scrape in lawn in urban garden.

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