Nov 192012

Two Jays (Garrulus glandarius) arrived within five minutes of putting some loose peanuts on the bird table.

Do they watch or can they smell them or does one send messages to another? They don’t seem to travel in flocks and I am sure that they do not message each other as that would be reducing the amount of food each bird gets but it is uncanny how quickly they arrive.

Having said that the squirrel,absent from the garden whilst the peanuts have been scarce, arrived quickly too and there was a bit of  a stand off. We have had Jays in the garden for all the time we have lived there but because of the news that the acorn and beech mast crop had failed I was expecting to see more. But up to know we have just had two. I do not think I could keep up with peanuts for lots of Jays anyway! They are splendid looking birds with fantastic plumage and over developed personalities! If I were a bird I think being a Jay would be a good choice, bouncy, colourful and over the top!! Oh and a bit feisty!



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