Nov 012012

On Saturday we went for a walk to Ashton Court in Bristol. The weather was bright and cold and the views across the city were amazing. With parking only a pound it was good value too, but trying to type your number plate into the ticket machine as someone yells the numbers to you across the car park leads to some funny mistakes!! I know I should know it but I haven’t had the car long!

Anyway, we decided to go to look at the red deer and see if they would display any rutting behaviour. We were not disappointed as several large stags were bellowing and posturing to each other. I have only seen this stuff on the BBC’s Autumnwatch so I was waiting for Simon King to give me commentary in my ear! No such luck so I had to teach my fellow walkers (husband and grown up son). Just as I was explaining  about parallel walking  two of them obliged and walked up and down bellowing and sizing each other up. Again as I discussed how they smell the air to see if any of the females are in oestrus, so they performed on cue. Wonderful!! We spent a long time watching and waiting for them to start to fight but no luck. I assume they were tired and they had plenty of females to share. I am not sure how much natural behaviour they show when kept in an enclosed area but the stuff we saw was exhilarating.

Last night I watched Autumnwatch again and on Rum the red deer were rutting like crazy but I know you do not have to got to Scotland to see them!!

Red deer at Ashton Court, Bristol, parallel walking and calling

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